iQVideo-E61 2.5D Fully Auto Video Measuring System with CCD Navigation System

Z Axis:Travel 200mm

Accuracy:X/Y-Axis: ≤3+L/200(um)

Vision:1/2“ Color CCD Camera

Software:QuickMeasuring 4.1/4.2

Detailed Product Description
Z Axis: Travel 200mm Accuracy: X/Y-Axis: ≤3+L/200(um)
Vision: 1/2“ Color CCD Camera Software: QuickMeasuring 4.1/4.2



► Precision guide and screw, double close-loop servo motor to ensure the high measure speed, accuracy and stability;

► Adjustable 48-division Ring LED illumination controlled by software and with memory function;

► Advanced 6.5X motorized coaxial zoom lens and 1/2” color high resolution CCD camera;

► 3-axis high-accuracy GSI or Renishaw 0.5um linear scale;

► CCD navigation system, for quickly locate the measurement position of sample and improve the measurement speed;

► Powerful fully-auto QM4.1 measuring software, edit/save/input the program and then auto running.



2.5D Model iQVideo-E61 iQVideo-E62 iQVideo-E63
3D Model iQVideo-E61T iQVideo-E62T iQVideo-E63T
X,Y-axis Travel 300x200mm 400x300mm 500x400mm
Z-axis Travel 200mm
X/Y/Z Linear Scale(2.5D) Resolution:0.0005mm
Accuracy X/Y-axis:≤3+L/200(um); Z-axis:≤4+L/200(um)
Repeatability ±2um