Detailed Product Description
Accuracy: ≤3+L/200(um) Travel: X-Y = 200x100mm
Sofware: Quickmeasuring QM2.0 Resolution: X-Y-Z, 0.0005mm


► Infinity optical system;

► Optical Magnification:20×-500×;Digital magnification:170×-17000×;

► Trinocular, Inclination of 30°,Interpupillary distance 55-75mm;

► High eye point,Wide field WF10×/22;

► Long working distance;Quintuple(Frontward ball bearing inner locating);

► Coaxial optical fiber lighesourse:1500W;

► Plan Archromatic objectives; 2×/0.055; 5×/0.14; 10×/0.28; 20×/0.42;

► Multi function Data process system DRO DP300 and QM2.0 software;



Model iQMeas-E2010 iQMeas-E2515
Metall Stage Size 404×228mm 450×280mm
Glass Stage Size 260×160mm 306×196mm
X,Y,Z-axis Travel 200×100×100mm 250×150×100mm
X,Y,Z-axis Resolution 0.0005mm
X,Y,Z-axis Accuracy ≤3+L/200(um)
Microscope System Eyepiece:High-eye-point and wide-field Eyepiece SWF10/22
Plan Apo Objectives:2×/0.055,5×/0.14,10×/0.42
Infinitive optical system 20×-200×
Tube lens focal length:200mm
Trinocular Microscope Head,Inclined at 30°
Interpupillary distance:55-75mm
Long Working Distance; Quintuple Nosepiece