MSA Installation Size:

Resolution 0.5um Linear Encoder for Dimensional Measurement


Application of Linear Encoder/Scale:

  • It adopts the advanced coating replication technology of glass grafting; it ensures the accuracy of glass pitch: the benchmarks main and auxiliary grafting;
  • It adopts the imported electronic components and uses the latest SMT chip mounting technology, it ensures the durability of electronic components and for each linear encorder;
  • Scan read system adopts the reliable and durale five-bearing design, it ensures the movement optical induction system smoothly durably;
  • It adopts the double anti-oil, high elasticty and anti-aging plastic as dust-seal,it ensures optimum sealing performance and minimal friction force.
  • It adopts the precision spring as position controller for the scan read, it ensures the movement of bearing pulley durably and smoothly even in the condition of high-speed;
  • It is strictly inspected by testing instrument for each glass, electronic components,dust-seal and snake skin tube,it ensures each linear encorder can calibration of the laser interferometer smoothly;


Technical Specifications:

Resolution 5um 1um 0.5um 0.2um 0.1um
Max.Working Speed 60m/min 20m/min 10m/min
Grating Pitch 20 um 10um
Output Signal TTL,RS422 ~1Vpp
Grating Measuring System Transmission infrared optical measuriement system, infrared wave length: 880um
Measuring Length 25-600mm
Scan Unit Rolling System 90°five ball bearing rolling system
Working Voltage 5V±5%DC
Working Environment Temperature :-10~45℃;Humidity≤90%
Accuracy 50≤ML≤500mm Standard: ±5um Precision: ±3um
510≤ML≤600mm Standard: ±8um Precision: ±5um