Detailed Product Description



► Adopt the width screen to display information, and display in sufficiency. It is more convenient for users operator and learning; 

► Support languages: Simple Chinese,Complicated Chinese, and English;

► The counting accuracy of the sampling circuit of linear scale can reach to 24 bit, and the frequency of counting can reach to 1MHZ;

► The ability of anti-jamming of power and signal all can reach to over 2500 voltage;

► The input voltage is DC 12V/1A,and the transformer can work well from AC100V to 240V;

► Multifunctional Measurement: point, line, circle, angle, distance, rectangle, screw thread, ellipse, slot, rounding, preset,construction, and so on;

► Obverse or Opposite direction counting function, 1/2 value, midpoint, permission function, Call function, REC(record)function, and Cycle measurement;

► Linear compensation and section compensation are available;

► Setting the screen protection time and dormancy automatically;

► Multi-display, separately display polar coordinate and Cartesian coordinates,and can display millimeter and inch, and can shift it easily;



Language Chinese, English
LCD screen size 107.8mm×17.1mm
Digital Display Range 8 Digital (With Decimal Point)
Display Axis 3-Axis(X, Y, Z/Q)
Z/Q-axis Display Model Length or Angle
Angle Display Model Degree, Minutes and second or Degree
Optional Resolution 1um, 2um, 5um, 0.1um, 0.2um, 0.5um
Baud Rate 4800,9600,14400,19200,38400,57600
Data Output Port RS 232
Input Power Supply AC90V-240V, 15W
Operate Keyboard Sealed Silicone touch-type keyboard

Detailed Product Description



2D Measuring software QuickMeasuring 1.0 version used to work with profile projector(optical comparator), it can collect the scale coordination in PC keyboard, DRO panel and foot switch. Using the input point, can measure the basic graph element and construct elements. largely eliminates human error and improves the operators‘ working efficiency.


Modern Compact Interface Design:


  • Toolbar
  • Coordinate display column
  • Geometrical display column
  • Measured result display column
  • Measuring and construction tool column
  • Dimension label tool column
  • Measuring graphic window
  • Procedure edit window



  • Measurement of basic graph:Point,Line, Circle, Arc, Retangle and Cirque;
  • Axis-skew and coordinate-shift;
  • Element construction:Construct the Center, intersection, Midpoint, Line, Circle and Angle,etc;
  • Save as*. Dxf and edit in AutoCAD;
  • Multi-points measurement;
  • Word Excel and TXT report;
  • English operation interface, other language available;
  • Zoom in ,Zoom out, Move, Print, Select, Cancel select, Delete;
  • Tolerance setup;
  • Size and angle label;
  • Scale calibration;
  • Q-axis record;
  • SPC function

Detailed Product Description



Objective Specification for Diameter 300mm Screen:

Magnification 5X (Special) 10X (Std.) 20X (Opt.) 50X (Opt.) 100X (Opt.)
Visual Field Ø60mm Ø30mm Ø15mm Ø6mm Ø3mm
Working Distance 136.6mm 77.7mm 44.3mm 38.4mm 25.3mm
Transmitted lens Without 10X (Std.) 20X (Opt.) 50X (Opt.) 100X (Opt.)


Objective Specification for iQPro-E11:

Magnification 10X (Std.) 20X (Opt.) 50X (Opt.) 100X (Opt.)
Visual Field Ø30mm Ø15mm Ø6mm Ø3mm
Working Distance 77.7mm 44.3mm 38.4mm 25.3mm


Objective Specification for Diameter 400mm Screen:

Magnification 10X (Std.) 20X (Opt.) 50X (Opt.)
Visual Field Ø40mm Ø20mm Ø8mm
Working Distance 75mm 70mm 47mm
Transmitted lens 10X (Std.) 20X (Opt.) 50X (Opt.)


Objective Specification for iQPro-E12:

Magnification 10X (Std.) 20X (Opt.) 50X (Opt.)
Visual Field Ø40mm Ø20mm Ø8mm
Working Distance 78mm 70mm 45mm


Objective Specification for iQPro-E13:

Magnification 10X (Std.) 20X (Opt.)
Visual Field Ø60mm Ø30mm
Working Distance 120mm 95.1mm